Pay Per Click Marketing For Your Website!
What is Pay Per Click marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing is a method of developing new viewers to your product or service online. A traffic provider generates traffic for all types of businesses, then after filtering delivers those interested in specific types of products or services to websites that offer exactly what the person is looking for.

Get pay per click trafficOne very popular type of filtering is that of a search engine. This is perhaps the most powerful, easily converted traffic that is available for any product in any marketplace. For example, if you were looking for the very popular “Livestrong” wrist bands and went online to a search engine and entered that as your search, it's highly likely that you are looking for a website that sells that product. If you are a website owner selling that product, this is HIGHLY PROFITABLE traffic for you.

The most exciting aspect of this type of traffic is that you know exactly how many visitors you are going to get for each dollar spent. So, if you are paying $0.50 for a visitor and you spend $5,000, you know you will get 10,000 new visitors to your website. That's an amazingly powerful form of advertising. You wouldn't get that running a TV ad – that's for sure!

In addition, you only pay for “UNIQUE” visitors. If the same person finds you through the search engine twice today, your only going to be charged once. And, you are assured that all the visitors are relevant. You aren't going to get people looking to buy bathing suits if your selling the wrist bands. You will only get the TRAFFIC from the categories you TARGETED.

More about Pay Per Click Search Engines.
The “Pay Per Click” search engines such as Findwhat and others feed their top results to other major search engines such as Yahoo and Google. By placing yourself on top you expose yourself to millions of additional people searching for your product or service. Unlike other major types of marketing campaigns, you have great flexibility in determining how much you spend. There are many Pay Per Click Campaigns that run for less than $20 invested each month. They share the same space and positions with advertisers who are spending thousands or more. How does it work?
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How we can help.
Ideas4Now has spent more than 5 years helping to promote websites that offer a multitude of products and services. This broad scope of experience gives us the expertise to help you promote your website in the Pay Per Click search engines. Whatever your budget, no matter your goal, we will help you maximize your results by implementing keyword formation, bidding strategy, optimized title and description copy plus an ongoing analysis to help you launch your very own Pay Per Click campaign in the most efficient, profitable way possible.
Are you already involved with Pay Per Click engines?
Or are you interested in purchasing a significant amount of targeted traffic to promote a site or group of websites?
Ideas4Now would like to help you take advantage of "Pay Per Click marketing". We have worked with the major Pay Per Click engines to help you get started. Below are some of our partners that offer Pay Per Click campaigns for any size website:
  • Google Adwords - Sponsored search results in the most popular search engine
  • Yahoo Search Marketing - Advertise your business in search results on Yahoo! and other popular sites.
  • Microsoft adCenter - Display your product or service to as many as 78 million potential customers.
  • FindWhat / MIVA Network - popular pay per click advertising network.
  • Kanoodle - A flexible, easy to use pay per click search engine and all other major pay per click search engines!
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