Frequently Asked Questions About Pay Per Click Marketing
How does Pay Per Click Work?
You pay for unique visitors to your site on a per click basis. In other words, you do not pay for people seeing your link. You pay only for people who click through to your site.

How is that better?
Unlike Pop-Ups and other forms of aggressive marketing, you are paying for visitors who voluntarily click through to your site after seeing a brief title and description about your site. Generally, these visitors are more likely to be willing to purchase your services because they are already looking for someone like you!

Who provides Pay Per Click?
Pay Per Click search engines provide most of the Internet's Pay Per Click traffic. They provide results to people who are searching for keywords or phrases, just like a regular search engine. Unlike regular search engines, though, their results are ranked in terms of bids. The highest bids are ranked first, allowing those sites to receive clicks faster.

How do I pay for it?
You or Ideas4Now acting on your behalf create an account with a Pay Per Click engine by making a deposit. This can be as low as $25. You provide the Pay Per Click engine with a set of terms related to your site and how much you are willing to bid on each term. When people search for those terms, the results are displayed in order of bids. If a person clicks your listing, the amount of your bid is deducted from your account. When you account is depleted, the engine will put your listings on hold until you decide to replenish your account.

Do I pay when people just look at my listing?
No, you only pay if people click through after seeing a title and brief description of your site. Pay Per Click filters the traffic that you pay for.

How does Pay Per Click filter visitors to deliver only targeted traffic?
Pay Per Click engines have several levels of filters. First your results only come up for terms you choose to bid on. This means that in order for a penny to be charged against your account for bringing a visitor to your site, the visitor must first have searched on a term you selected as relevant to your site. After a visitor searches, results are displayed with titles and descriptions. This is another opportunity to provide the visitor with a preview of what your site is about. This also helps filter out those who are not likely to be interested in your product or serve.

How do I know Pay Per Click engines are honest?
The largest engines have a well-deserved reputation for honesty. But you can confirm clicks by confirming them with your websites traffic logs.

Can my competition deplete my account by clicking on my listings?
No. The better Pay Per Click search engines employ a host of security measures to ensure that the clicks you are charged for are unique. A person clicking your link over and over again will not be able to drain your account. We advise our clients, however, to be careful with smaller Pay Per Click engines who may not have the resources to thwart determined abusers.

How much do clicks cost?
Depending upon the Pay Per Click search engine, you can bid as little as a penny or 5 cents for a term. This means an investment of $10 can bring between 200 to 1,000 visitors to your site.

Why would I ever want to bid more than a penny or nickel?
Bidding low on a large set of terms can help you receive clicks at the lowest possible cost. But you may find that increasing your bid will generate profitable traffic to your site faster because your site will be ranked higher. While we try to help our clients achieve the lowest cost per click possible by finding as many relevant terms to bid on as possible, there remains a direct relationship between the amount of clicks one receives and their position which is determined by their bid. Sometimes it makes sense to modestly increase your investment in order to deliver traffic to your site in a more timely fashion.

How many terms can I bid on? Can I bid on the entire dictionary?
No. The Pay Per Click engines will require that you bid on terms related to your site. If you are selling apples, it will be difficult to bid on the term 'cars'. Some of the engines enforce editorial relevancy rules more strictly than others. At Ideas4Now we will work with the engines in order to minimize any problems with search engine editorial departments.

How can Ideas4Now help me?
Ideas4Now can help you with setting up your Pay Per Click campaign. Our Pay Per Click Marketing Start Up package can have you set up on three Pay Per Click engines in less than a week. For those seeking large scale Pay Per Click campaigns please see our Pay Per Click Consulting services.

Why should I use Ideas4Now?
We will help you with a host of Pay Per Click issues. This includes professional research to target the most searched keywords and phrases related to your site as well as creating a large but relevant target list. We also work with you to create professional titles and descriptions to ensure that you receive the most targeted traffic possible. Many people rush into a Pay Per Click campaign, bidding top dollar on a few keywords. They often are disappointed to find their deposits are depleted quickly on just a few clicks. Other people bid the minimum on a set of keywords and are upset that they receive just a handful of clicks per day. Balancing the desire to receive traffic quickly with an economical bidding strategy is just one area that a professional agency can help you make the most out of your Pay Per Click Campaign.

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